Nosy Crow has followed up their popular Three Little Pigs storybook app with an interactive twist on the Cinderella story. I could write this review with one sentence and it would simply say, “the app is delightful and you won’t regret the purchase”. This is exactly how I feel after diving into the app. The Three Little Pigs is one of our favorite iPad stories and it’s a tough act to follow. I was so glad that Cinderella exceeded my expectations.

Cinderella has three story modes – Read and Play, Read to Me and Read By Myself. In the Read and Play version you’ll hear a narration of the story and then the action pauses on the screen while you explore. There are things to discover and tasks to complete in order to keep the story moving forward. It will be up to you to advance to the next page. In the Read to Me mode the narration is still present but the story progresses on it’s own. The dialogue that is spoken by the characters will happen automatically, no need to tap on them. You can still interact with characters and objects on the screen but the story doesn’t wait for this. This is a good mode for younger readers. Finally there is Read by Myself mode. Here the reading is supplied by you. Nothing is narrated or spoken. When you tap a character their speech bubble will appear but they will not say their lines. All of the interaction is still present here and you control the pacing of the story.

Here are a few of my personal favorite tidbits from the app. The mirrors in Cinderella’s house reflect your image. The app uses the iPad’s camera and will display a picture of the person reading the app in the mirrors. It’s a genius effect and had every single one of my kids oohing and ahhing. I also loved the part where Cinderella is in the garden helping her fairy godmother round up carriage making supplies. She’s told to get a few things but as you collect them on screen the godmother begins adding to the list. This back and forth was a great touch and made the experience feel more interactive. I could go on and on, the app is filled with clever little details that will catch your eye are you read.

Nosy Crow has another winner on their hands and I fully expect Cinderella to be used just as often (if not more) as the “Pigs” are on our iPad. Well done!

A lite version of Cinderella is also available. d

Price when Reviewed: $5.99 for iPad and $3.99 for iPhone

See the iPad and the iPhone app in iTunes

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Seller: Nosy Crow

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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