Do you have older children interested in graphic design or comic books? Then Comics Head is a publishing tool that you won’t want to miss. Loaded with features and templates its an avenue for creativity.

My fifth grader loves to write stories and plays and jumped at the chance to give Comics Head a try. I was surprised at how long it held her interest. For well over an hour she was my initial tester.  She loved that there were preset templates and quickly chose a format. She developed Lilly’s Adventure by incorporating backgrounds, props and FX.  We were super impressed by the volume of images there was to choose from. Although the app worked smoothly she was frustrated at the beginning because there is really no instruction.  Its pretty much learn as you go. After using the app for a couple days now she knows just how to find the images she wants and how to manipulate them to fit her screen. She adds text blocks and even grabs clip art from online.

You’ll notice all the little icons on the top and bottom of the image. Each one allows you access different “assets” and features. There are layout templates, backgrounds, comic or realistic characters, props and FX. As an example, we looked at over 10 versions of a hibiscus flower. Comic images had all kinds of expressions from happy to sad and just plain silly, but they also included a realistic drawing for a more serious presentation.

There is more to the app the just comic strip design. We found graphs and charts that could have been helpful for Senior Project. And a template for a how-to that we used to demonstrate the recipe and steps for making Energy Bars in a Foods and Nutrition class. For this project we kept most of the preset graphics but included a snapshot of our finished product from the camera roll.  It was easy to edit or add text, but I haven’t discovered how to change fonts. Then I saved it to my Google Drive for easy access at school or for printing later. Sharing a creation is easy as well.  I could just as easily have emailed this or posted it to Face Book or Twitter.

I was super impressed with Comics Head. I can see using it for adults and children to explore their creative talent. Its not as easy to work with as some of the other comic apps we’ve seen on the sight but for an older audience its highly workable.

For the amount of features provided in the app I think $3.99 is worth it, but you may want to give it a look through before you purchase it. There is a lite version that you can try for free and an iPhone version as well, but I think using all the features on a smaller device might be difficult. The developer site has a more detailed tutorial on YouTube if you want to see more than the above  short. This app is also available for Android on Amazon, Google Play and Samsung Apps. 

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or want to add a bit of snap to a presentation, I highly recommend giving  Comics Head a try.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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