On the developer page for Conojo Whiteboard they refer to their app as the Swiss Army Knife for visual thinkers.  As a family that has more than a few of those handy multi-tools around that really intrigued me. In my job as a stay at home mom I’m not mapping the steps to meal prep or presenting flow charts for the daily schedule, however using a whiteboard presentation once a week in our family face to face meeting might have things running more smoothly.

Conojo is a 5 in 1 drawing tool for collaborating, sketching, problem solving, explaining and teaching. I thought the best use for me would be to explain and teach my family about cleaning the bathroom.  (Yes, it’s something they should know already but I want it “Mom Clean” everytime.) To make my simple presentation I took a picture of the girls bathroom (I want them to apply the lesson to their personal space), added a text block and labeled the items on the photo. The outcome wasn’t to shabby for this mom.

When playing around with the drawing features of the app, the Undo option is where I would like to see some changes. After starting a project and incorporating several drawings I wanted to delete my most recent addition.  I pressed Undo thinking it would clear only my most recent sketch. It did ask a fail safe “are you sure you want to clear drawing” question but I thought it would delete in layers like other drawing and photo editing programs I’ve used. Be warned, it clears everything, including any backgrounds that you may have used. If I’d spent the morning putting together a big presentation this would be frustrating to me.

I didn’t see an option to mirror on screen but is easy to export your final results to Dropbox, Evernote and Box. You can also print or send to Facebook or email. Over Thanksgiving I’ll have the chance to sit down with my Sis, who’s a teacher. We’ll give the group collaboration a try then and let you know the results in an update.  If we like it I’m sure Conojo can be a big help in her weekly staff meetings. Until next week…..

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When is come to the gadgets, gizmos and whats-its of the modern world, her three kids keep her up to speed. Whether its watching yet another iTunes card go up in smoke while music downloads at the speed of sound, teenage blogging, term paper research or the youngest studying spelling and math facts, she tries to ignore how many hours are logged on the hand held devices in her home. All that being said, the growth and learning the gizmos provide never cease to amaze her.

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