Cooking Dash arrived on my iPhone in the middle of a crazy, chaotic week. Not that my weeks are usually very peaceful, relaxing or even productive for that matter. But this week was worse then usual. Anyway, I was given this app to try and I kept putting it on the back burner. Then one night I was having trouble turning my brain off so I decided to play Cooking Dash. This turned out to be a big sleep mistake because I found myself HOOKED. Seriously hooked. As in, it’s 1:30 a.m. and I’ve got to get up in five hours but I can’t put this iPhone down hooked. I finally found enough will power to stop playing but the next night I was right back at it again. So on a week when I desperately needed some sleep I found myself sucked into this ridiculously fun app.

Cooking Dash has you helping out in several restaurants around town. Through tapping and swiping on the screen you seat customers, cook their food, serve it up and then clear them out – hopefully earning a tip. The customers come with different personalities and you’ve got to pay attention because some of them will likely walk out of the restaurant at any minute. Each level gives you a goal to meet and you earn points as you play. At the end of the level if you’ve met your goal you can use your points to buy upgrades for your restaurant. If you didn’t meet your goal then you’ll have to begin the level again.

So far I’ve only made it about halfway through the levels for the first restaurant. There are five restaurants to try and over fifty levels total. Some things I like: Cooking Dash allows you to listen to your own iPod music while you’re playing. It also lets you create more than one player profile. I really liked this feature because my kids and I can both have saved games. Lastly, the app begins with an excellent tutorial. It walks you through the game and really explains things well.

I am really getting a kick out of Cooking Dash. It’s silly fun but it’s completely addicting and a nice way to focus on something besides my ginormous to-do list at the end of the day. Overall it’s a very well done, very smooth and very entertaining app.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

Cooking Dash

Seller: PlayFirst, Inc.

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