The Crazy Balloons app contains four games featuring, you guessed it!, balloons. Here’s an overview of what each game has to offer.

Easy Jump Pop – In this game your child will see a porcupine and a number of floating balloons on the screen. They’ll need to tap the screen to make the porcupine jump. When he jumps he pops balloons. If your child times it just right they can pop more than one balloon at a time and earn more points. I like the noise the balloons make when they pop. It’s a chime like sound and I found it pleasing to the ears. Yes! A kid’s app that’s pleasing to the ears.

Jump Pop – This game is the same as Easy Jump Pop except your child must tilt the iPhone to move the porcupine before they make him jump for the balloons.

Puzzle Match – Here your child will see — rows of — different colored balloons. They must swipe across the screen to move the balloons in the different columns and rows. The goal is to match the rows to an example in the corner of the screen. This game was tricky and best for older children and adults.

Match 3 – The concept of Match 3 is similar to that of Puzzle Match. Your child slides the balloons in the different columns and rows. When three balloons of the same color line up in a row they will pop and be replaced.

Crazy Balloons features a “Kid Mode” that you can turn on. When you do this the only game that can be played is Easy Jump Pop. My suggestion for Crazy Balloons is to create a spot where high scores can be kept and viewed.

Price when Reviewed: $.99

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Seller: Ton-O-Fun

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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  1. Linda

    Not really impressed with this one. Not really a game…you just keep popping ballons.

    Kids got bored doing this quickly.

  2. Everton

    yerri, BOTH of yerri, BOTH of these were FREE clips dituribtsed from her SC site and available to anyone; no copyright restrictions were posted with them. They are NOT the whole versions of her videos from which the snippets were used. Her complete videos are much longer. These are teasers or trailers . Have a good one.


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