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Making up stories is one of things that kids do best. Their imaginations are without boundaries and they can truly weave some exceptional tales. Create Storytime aims to capitalize on that natural creativity and give children an outlet to express themselves by providing them with pictures and an outline to create their own stories.

This app is simple and easy to use. There are pre-written example stories that children can read and look at to get ideas or you can jump right in and write your own story. The app comes with a few picture packs that your child can choose from to use as the illustrations of their story. There are also additional picture packs available to purchase in-app for $0.99. Once you have selected a picture pack, you can tap on the “Create a new story” button to begin writing. Select a picture and then type in the text that goes with that picture underneath. When they are finished, the app saves their story and they can go back and read it to you or you can read it to them!

This app is a simple and easy app to use however it is not the best story-writing app that I have reviewed. I feel like the fact that it only comes with five picture packs really limits how much you can use this app. Additionally, there are currently only four additional packs available to purchase in-app. My kids played this app and they had a mediocre response to them. None of the pictures really appealed to my second grade son, and he kept asking if he could just download his own pictures. Unfortunately, this app does not have the capability to do that. I also wish it had the option to have the stories read aloud by a narrator for younger children who can’t read yet. It would also add a lot if the illustrations were interactive and animated. If you are looking for a basic and simple story writing app, then this may be a good fit for you but in my opinion it falls a little flat compared to its competition.

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