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Crickle is a fun new word game for all ages.  With Crickle, the rules are simple, using the letters in your rack, compose a word and place it on the board.  I thought that this game would be perfect for anyone who loves word games, like me!

Forming words from your rack is the first step, but for the game to accept your word, it must link to the word above.  Words link via repeated letters.  Help is on hand in the form of “float letters”, these may be used to float a letter down from the row above.

The game features an endless challenge, you can play “Fun” mode or work your way up to “Challenge” mode.  There are endless game configurations for lots of replay value.  I also like that there are no time limits, if you get stuck, no worries, just keep looking at it until you find a word that works.

I should mention, there are 15 free games, then you must complete the in-app purchase to continue play.  If you are looking for a fun new word game, be sure to check out Crickle.  I thought that this game had a unique and fun word game concept!

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