The idea behind Cubex is simple. Move colored blocks around the screen. As soon as you place two next to each other they vanish and you earn points. The tricky part comes in the fact that there are also immovable blocks placed around the screen. These can either help or hurt you as you try to get things positioned just right. Another tricky thing is that the blocks fall with “gravity”. Once they fall you can move them left to right but not up.   At first I couldn’t figure this game out. Then I watched the video on the Cubex website and it made sense. You have to look at the screen as a whole and come up with a strategy for your moves before you start making them. Put the wrong block down and you won’t be able to move any others.

My five year old wasn’t very interested in Cubex so I turned to my ten year old for her opinion. I sent her off with the app and told her to see if she could figure it out on her own. She did, smart girl, but by the time she reached level seven she was stuck. There are 120 levels in the app so I think this one is a bit too hard for my kids right now. When she’s a bit older and has a better handle on the strategy we’ll revisit it… 

Price when Reviewed: $.99

Cubex All Star

Seller: Aurelien Bottazinni

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