DC with Kids would like to be your pocket guidebook to seeing the sights in Washington D.C. with your children. This thorough app has more than 500 entries about things to do as a family. The app divides the attractions into categories so you can easily find the perfect thing to do on your visit. Some of the categories include the following: Top 11, Special (think sleepovers, tours, festivals and events), Ages, Free and Play Outdoors. There is even a category called “Plan Ahead” that lists things which require advance planning. I thought this was an extremely helpful category addition. DC with Kids also includes information on places to sleep, eat and shop while you’re visiting. Another category include side trips if you wanted to get away from the city.

Each attraction has an entry that includes details, a map and contact information. The details are well thought out and thorough, there is nothing skimpy about this information. Entries will also list the categories that the attraction falls under. As you are browsing through the app, planning out your trip you can add attractions to a favorites list and leave comments for later reading.

DC with Kids does a terrific job presenting information but I think it could use a bit of polish in the app’s navigation. The main thing that I missed was a button that would take me “home” from any screen. Right now you must use the back arrow to navigate back. There are just a few other things like that which could make the user experience more intuitive. But the star of this app is definitely the content. I’m impressed with the thoroughness that’s gone into DC with Kids. There’s so much information here it would be hard to decide what NOT to do on a trip to Washington. I’m looking forward to using the app as a resource when I get the chance to take my own kids to the nation’s capital someday.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

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Seller: Family iTrips, Washington D.C.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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