DigitZ and KidgitZ are fast paced Math based games that can really help your children (and you) polish up their addition skills. I’ll give you an overview of each app.

KidgitZ – In this game number tiles are falling down from the top of the screen. Your child must tap on the tiles that will add up to a target number. They will choose this target number before beginning each game. When your child has tapped the correct tiles they’ll disappear from the screen. This is important because it keeps the tiles from stacking up too high on the screen. The target numbers that your child may select range from four to twelve. In the settings they can adjust the way their number tiles appear and how quickly they drop onto the screen. As your child advances through the levels the tiles will begin to fall faster on their own. KidgitZ is sized just right for Elementary schoolers who need some fun practice with their basic addition facts.

Price: $.99 ~ See KidgitZ in the App Store

DigitZ – DigitZ is billed as the grown-up version of KidgitZ. The premise is the same but things have been kicked up a few notches. First you begin by choosing a difficulty level, easy, medium or hard. Next you select your level, one through ten. DigitZ will then give you a random target number and you must tap on the tiles that add up to it. In the app’s settings you may change the look of the tiles just as you can in KidgitZ. However, that’s not all you can do here. You may choose between two game types, Drop and Block. The difference between these games is how the tiles fall and fill in empty spaces on the screen. Next there are the game modes. Leveled gives you a pause after each level is completed and then you start again at the beginning of the next level. Continuous mode continues without a pause after each level and then each level begins where the previous level left off. Finally there is Marathon. Here the play is like Continuous mode except you have no emergency pause button. DigitZ also allows you to set up a “Campaign” where you can begin at the first level and move through all the levels, saving everything where you left off.

I found DigitZ to be a challenging game once the tiles began to really fall onto the screen. I thought I had my Math facts down but it turns out I’m a bit slow and rusty on my addition skills. This would be a good app for older students and adults who need practice or enjoy Math games.

A free version of DigitZ is available if you’d like to try a lite, pared down version of the app.

Price: $.99 ~ See DigitZ in the App Store

Seller: TapDream Arts

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