Many of the apps that we review are given to us via promo codes. Receiving a promo code will not guarantee a positive review, although we do try to find something positive to say about each app. We try to be selective at the beginning of the review process so most of  the apps that end up on our site will be ones that we enjoy.  *Beginning on 11/30/09 reviews that we have done from a free promo code will have this statement at the end of the review:  Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes. When you are reading reviews after this date and you don’t see this statement it means that we purchased the app ourselves.

If we are given a product to review or mention in the “Other Products” or “The iPhone Mom Likes” sections we will disclose that we did not pay for it. If you don’t read that in a review then know it was something we found on our own.