Little princesses rejoice! Now you can join Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel for a magical trip to the Disney Princess Royal Salon. If your kids are anything like my little testers, their eyes will light up when you tell them that you have a new Disney Princess app to play with. From the moment they opened it up, the girls were mesmerized with the beautiful princesses and all of the girly details incorporated throughout the app.

In Disney Princess Royal Salon, each Princess has been invited to a special event and she needs your help to get ready. Users first choose a princess to work with and then select from a Royal Ball, Masquerade Party, Holiday Celebration and Special Event to get their princess all dolled up to go to. After the invitation is narrated, it’s off to work in the Royal Salon! Hair styling come first, and users will love being able to swipe the hair around to make beautiful styles of their own creation, or simply waving a magic wand to choose from pre-made hair styles. After the hair has been perfectly coiffed, it’s time to choose royal gown. After choosing from four selections, which vary based on the event, everything can be customized from the color, to the pattern. One of the very cool features, is that you can take a picture and make that the new fabric of the dress- so the possibilities are really endless! Accessorize with jewelry, hair accessories and handbags, add a few sparkles and your princess is off to her event and ready for her picture to be taken and saved to a scrapbook.

This app is a true Disney masterpiece. The highest quality animations and graphics really bring all of the princesses to life and make this game so much fun to play again and again. The only thing missing of course, is the rest of the princesses! My little testers did ask several times where the rest of the princesses were, but I did assure them that the Disney princesses are very busy and can’t all be together at once. J

The app is a little on the pricey side at $4.99, but if you have a little girl who absolutely loves all things pink, pretty and girly, this app will not disappoint. If you’re looking for a high quality app, that your kids will keep coming back to, then look no further than Disney Princess Royal Salon!

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