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DNA is definitely a complicated puzzle that makes us who we are. The science behind DNA is almost as difficult to understand as it is to explain it to children. Avokiddo has developed a great new app that is a fantastic way to introduce children to the basic concepts of DNA by allowing them to experiment with the mystery behind DNA, and how it works, through play.

The learning begins as children complete the DNA puzzles for each trait by matching up the DNA strand shapes. Once the puzzles are complete, that trait appears on the monster they are building. Then it is on to the next trait. These puzzles create the body, head, eyes, arms and legs and face of these crazy monsters. Then the fun really begins! As children move the DNA strands around, different gene mutations appear and the creature’s appearance changes shape. Through this type of play, children begin to realize that different gene combinations result in different traits. There are also fun and silly accessories that appear on screen that bring the creature to life. Children will love watching their monster skateboard, dance and sleep. Or they can feed it pizza and other treats. The possibilities are truly endless and the play can go on and on for hours.

I am a true fan of Avokiddo apps and this one does not disappoint. Their characters and animations are always appealing through their vibrant colors and silly animations. I also love how Avokiddo cleverly disguises important educational skills with play. As children are experimenting with puzzles, they are actually learning some incredible and valuable scientific knowledge in Biology. I absolutely recommend this app for families and teachers alike. It is fun, educational, and silly; exactly what a child needs!

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