It’s been awhile since we’ve watched Dora at our house but it used to be on our TV regularly. I imagine in a few years when Baby J is bigger it’ll be back on all the time again. But for now since I don’t have a Dora fan to test out this app, the thirty something mom gave it a try. Not the audience it was designed for but I think I can give it a fair shake.

Dora is on a mission to save the Crystal Kingdom from the Greedy King. He’s stolen all of the color crystals and Dora is trying to get them back. There are two parts to this app. The first is the “Rainbow Ride”. The ride refers to a giant slide that is made out of a rainbow. There are six rainbows and each has a different color of crystal. Dora  sits on the rainbow and you tilt the iPhone to help her move and catch the crystals as she slides. In the general iPhone settings you can adjust the speed of the game to low, medium or high.  The app also features eight coloring pages which you color in using the colored crystals. Additional pages can be purchased within the app. The app doesn’t have a built in way to save the pictures when you’re done but you can get around this by taking a screen shot. Hold down the home and power buttons for a second. This will take a picture of your screen and you’ll find the picture in your camera roll.

I think that Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom does a nice job of bringing a Dora story to an iPhone app. Younger fans will love steering Dora down the slide and collecting the crystals. Older fans might grow a tad bored. Then again, we had a Dora Nintendo Game Cube game that my children played over and over and over again. I found the game to be extremely boring but they never grew tired of it. Even when they were well past the age of being Dora fans. I also like how this app combines the coloring pages with a more action packed game where you’ve actually got to move your iPhone to make things happen.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom - Rainbow Ride

Seller: Nickelodeon

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.




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