This week’s Weekly Special is an idea that I adore – an app built to foster meaningful connections and relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren. DoubleScoop has been developed to build up one on one interactions, so that grandparents can move communication beyond Skype, FaceTime and email. The free mobile app works on iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads. A desktop version is available for both PCs and Macs. You can choose to install it on individual computers and devices or on one shared family device. Even though the device is shared individuals will have their own user accounts within the app. All of the kiddos can share an account on the family iPod but still communicate individually with Grandma and Grandpa. As the mom of four I say “thank you!” for the multiple user feature!

To get started with DoubleScoop you’ll need to create an account at their website, From there you’ll set up the Users, the people (could be one, could be more) who use the account and establish the contacts that you want to connect with using DoubleScoop. I set up an account using my email address and then added my children as users. When you’re creating the profiles you can designate whether the user is an adult or a child under the age of 13. As you’re going through and adding in contacts you’ll be able to send invitations to grandparents and other relatives you’d like to see on DoubleScoop. Since the app is free (and awesome!) it hopefully won’t take much convincing to get them on board!

After you’ve set up the account and added contacts it’s time to start communicating. We discovered that you can also send messages back and forth between users who share the same account. The great thing about DoubleScoop is that the developers have kept the younger users in mind and they added in several ways them to be able to communicate. Users can communicate back and forth by drawing, typing a message, recording a vocal message up to two minutes long or sending a photo. Grandparents send something to the grandkids, the grandkids receive the message and send something back. So great! One final note about privacy because that is so important when it comes to children and apps where they can send and receive messages. Since your children are under your user account you’ll have the final say about who they interact with. Their DoubleScoop contacts will be entirely in your control.

There’s no doubt that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are wonderful tools for entertainment and education but I love seeing how they can enhance relationships. Apps like DoubleScoop make me happy. It’s wonderful to see technology being used to bring extended families closer together!

Price when Reviewed: Free

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Seller: DoubleScoop

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  1. Kevin

    Hey iPhone mom.

    Have you figured out a way to email all the members of your groups that you set up in the cloud?

    MS Outlook did this over a decade ago.

    This is killing me. I set up my basketball team as a group and would like to email them with one email. We can’t do this on the IPhone.

    iPhone dad


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