I’m going to do some bragging today.  Not about anything I did myself, but about an app, the Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection specifically. We were getting ready for school the other morning and my elementary schooler picked up my iPod touch to see if I had anything she’d like in my review file. So, while I piled curlers on the top of my head I was entertained by the story of a rabbit and a bear who got into a little competition about who’s better than who. There’s bragging about hearing a fly cough 90 miles off, and bragging about smelling a humming bird egg that’s gone a little bit stale. It gets pretty heated until a little worm shows them both up with his vision that lets him see all the way around the world to find two fools that have nothing better to do than argue about who’s better than who.

Life lessons are taught with the wacky but honest humor of Dr. Seuss, like the worm in The Big Brag. Seuss’ masterful talent has been captured by Oceanhouse Media in this new OMbook release of eight short stories.  With a few well placed sound effects, highlighted text and words that zoom up when the picture is touched, these books place the focus on literacy more than interactive activities. Without gaming distractions, children learn to find the entertainment value of a good story with rhyme and verse. I know the book apps are good when you want to keep playing them.

My daughter sure did. We were both ready to head out the door for school, but she wanted to get through one more story first. Some of them were family favorites, like Gertrude McFuzz. A great story to read at the start of the day to remind you to accept and believe in yourself. A favorite for me is, Too Many Daves.  This one reminds me that it would have been a mistake to give all my kids the same name even when I call them by the wrong one more often than not 🙂

Sharing these stories was a wonderful start to our day. I think you’ll enjoy them too.

This app is also available for Android on Amazon and Nook

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.







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  1. Eric

    There is a new short story collection called Eligible Atrocities. It is full of wit and satire and worth checking out.


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