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Looking for a fun new story to read with your child?  If so, you should check out Drew’s Dancing Drum!  I especially like how Drew’s Dancing Drum has a positive message for kids of all ages.  Through reading this story, kids can learn about how important it is to never give up, how to handle being bullied and when to turn to their parents for guidance.

In addition to the great message, Drew’s Dancing Drum also features fun interactions and animations.  Kids can explore while reading through touching various objects on the pages and making them come to life.  I like how there are musical notes to touch as well, the beat of the drum then plays, this is fun for kids who enjoy music like my son!

I enjoyed Drew’s Dancing Drum.  I would recommend this app to parents who are looking for a fun interactive storybook with a great positive message to share with their kids.  My son and I have enjoyed reading the book together and playing drums along with Drew!

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