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Duckie Deck has released a new app, Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper, as part of their hygiene series for children.  On the Duckie Deck website the app’s description states that they’re “teaching kids about cleanliness and healthy bathroom habits through fun and interactive tutorials.” Sounds like a great idea to me.

Overall Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper is colorful and very visually appealing. The design is just right for the under 5 crowd. I had my 5 year old daughter help me test out the app and at first we weren’t sure exactly what to do. On the screen children will see a hand with rough, uneven fingernails. Nails might have polish on them, there might be dirt on the hand and maybe a cut that needs a band-aid.  Just off to the side of the screen will be the items needed to clean up the hand or fingers. Children will have to clean up the nails before they can trim them. At the top of the screen is a pair of nail scissors that has eyes and an open mouth with teeth, the Hungry Clipper. It took us some dragging and tapping but we learned that by  dragging the hand up to the Hungry Clipper it will clip off the fingernails with it’s mouth, leaving behind smooth, neatly trimmed nails. Children will need to move each finger over to the Clipper and when they’re done they’ll have a clean, well manicured hand.

I like the idea behind Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper. When my kids were younger they used to feel very uneasy about having their nails trimmed. Having an app to practice on, a way to make nail trimming fun, could have been very helpful for us. Here’s the thing though, and let me preface this by saying that none of my kids are the age of the app’s target audience, my kids find the Hungry Clipper character to be a little strange. I do too. I know the character is meant to be fun and cute and we may have just failed to see the charm, but I found his teeth, the chewing sound effects and the way the fingernails fly everywhere to be a little disconcerting.

Cleaning up hands and trimming fingernails is the only activity in Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper. The app  does offer a variety of hands, including animals and monsters, but after about 15 rounds of cleaning and trimming my 5 year old was done. Younger players might be able to play for longer but my kids got tired of the repetition. This is definitely an app for younger kiddos, which is why I think that the Hungry Clipper might benefit from a friendlier makeover.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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