ebooks apps for kids

Ebook Apps for Kids

Kids love stories. This app has award-winning picture ebooks designed to keep your child engaged and entertained for hours on end. Through the use of picture ebooks, you can instill in your child a lifetime love of books and reading. This app contains award -winning titles and is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle,Nook, PC and Mac.

Animated eBookseBooks with Coloring Pages, eBooks with Coloring PageseBooks with Record Your VoiceeBooks with GamesRead to Me eBooksRead to Myself eBooks

animated ebooks

Animated eBooks

Our goal is to bring to you an amazing collection of ebook apps for kids of all ages. Our team has read and researched countless titles to offer the very best stories to keep your child entertained and engaged. Stories play an important role in our life and society. Your children will have an entire new world of learning open to them once they begin reading with these fantastic ebook apps.

ebooks with coloring pages

eBooks with Coloring Pages

Do you have a budding artist in your family? If so, we’ve got a great collection of ebooks with coloring pages that are right up your alley. You kids will have countless hours of creative fun with iPad or iPhone reading and coloring in ebooks with coloring pages.We’ve selected only the best apps for your little DaVinci.

ebooks record voice

eBooks with Record Your Voice

Yours is the first voice that your child hears, and the voice that soothes and and relaxes him/her. This collection of ebooks with the “Record Your Voice” feature gives your child access to your familiar voice when you are not available. As children learn to read on their own, they can use the app to develop and improve their own early literacy skills. You child will have countless hours of fun and learning with the ebook apps and “Record Your Voice” feature.


ebooks with games

eBooks with Games

Kids learn best through fun activities. That’s why play and games are crucial to childhood development. We’ve reviewed and recommended the very best ebooks with games for kids.This list of ebooks with games strikes the perfect balance between education and play. Parent approved and age-appropriate apps that make learning fun.


read to me ebooks

Read to Me eBooks

Studies have proven that readers are created by reading to kids.These apps featuring the Read with Me ebooks are a great way to create a new generation of readers by helping youngsters to develop their early literacy skills in reading and comprehension. The ebooks with the Read with Me feature are fun and entertaining for kids and parents.

read to myself

Read to Myself eBooks

We’ve tested and researched to find the best “Read to Myself” ebooks. These apps are a wonderful opportunity for your young reader to hone and develop early literacy skills and learn while having tons of fun. Challenge your kids to grow and learn with the “Read to Myself” ebook apps in our collection.

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