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Counting + Time + Shapes + Money = EduGuru Maths Kids age 3-5 Educational Games which is a fun new way to get your preschoolers excited about learning math! This app is filled with fun and challenging games that will not only introduce the basic building blocks of math but also inspire your children to want to keep learning more and build on the foundation this app provides. From counting to matching and from to telling time to sorting, EduGuru will provide hours of learning for your family.

EduGuru allows you to add up to six users to the app, and will keep track of each user’s achievements and progress individually. Once you have entered each user’s name, simply tap on their name to use that app with that profile. Players can choose from several different activities including Cosmic Counting, Meadow Math, Shape Sort, Fishing Fun, Space Solver, Captain Clock, Money Pig, and Match Up. Each activity focuses on an essential skill for math development such as counting, sorting by shape and color, size comparison (bigger and smaller), telling time on a clock, and more advanced skills such as doubling or halving a number. The games for each activity are fun to play and have cute themes to add to their enjoyment such as space themes or barnyard themes. As your child successfully completes each activity they can earn medals for their achievements and once they earn a gold medal for each level they move up to more difficult levels.

This app is the ideal way for preschoolers to learn math and, more importantly, learn to love math. The games are simple enough for beginners to feel successful at and increase in difficulty in appropriate increments in order to challenge them but allow them to still have fun. Many of the learning activities seem much more like games than math activities and will draw kids in and keep them coming back for more. The one thing that I would warn parents of, is that this app was developed based on the national curriculum of the UK and so the money activity uses British money which American children will not recognize. Aside from this, I would highly recommend EduGuru for any family with preschool aged children as a fantastic learning tool and a way to spend hours of learning cleverly disguised as fun games!

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