One of the perks about doing this website is hearing about apps that I might not otherwise find. Apps that don’t make it onto the iTunes featured lists but are perfectly wonderful. The Elephant Song app is one of these. Apparently the original song and video by Eric Herman have been on You Tube and had over 5 million views. I’m not really dialed into You Tube so I’d never heard of it before. The developers of this app have taken “The Elephant Song” and turned it into a delightful app.

The app is a mini-music video that’s also interactive. The song lyrics are funny and the graphics are simple, colorful and entertaining. My four year old overheard me playing with this app and said “That one’s funny mom”. Each section of the screen goes with a different part of the song. The app moves through them on it’s own but you can also press the pause button and touch the animal on the screen to hear noises. When the song is over you can build your own elephant from puzzle pieces. I couldn’t figure this out but my son told me the song starts over again if you put it together. I think that’s my only complaint with the app – the puzzle pieces were small and tricky to use. Maybe smaller fingers would have better luck than I did.

I really liked The Elephant Song app and I’m hoping that we’ll see more from of this kind of app from the folks at AppsNminded.

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Available at iTunes

Elephant Song

Seller: AppsNminded

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