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How can you not love Elmo? This adorable little fuzzy Muppet has been delighting and entertaining children for years now on Sesame Street. It’s obvious to anyone who watches Sesame Street that Elmo has unconditional love for all of his friends and now that love can be shared anytime when you read Elmo Loves You! with your children. This one of a kind pop-up eBook tells a beautiful and engaging story of love in every form.

Elmo Loves You is a story about the things we love. Its rhyming prose explains the love that we see all around us. For example, “Bert loves pigeons, and pigeons love to coo. Can you guess who Elmo loves? Elmo Loves You!” The book goes on to talk about the loves of pigs, penguins, birds, babies and more but always ending with the reassurance that Elmo Loves You! Aside from the adorable story, the best part about this eBook is the interactive pop-up pages. It looks like a pop-up book on your iPad screen and, when tapped, the pictures come to life with dancing monsters, farm animals that make sounds, a cute giggling Elmo and more! The book also has a Read to Yourself or Elmo Reads to You option so your child can use it independently or you can share the story with them yourself.

Personally, I am a big Elmo fan. My nearly 13 year old daughter loved him as a toddler so he has been a part of our family for over a decade now. He is truly loveable and this story about love is a wonderful way to remind your children that they are loved as well. What really set this eBook apart in my mind are the interactive pop-up illustrations. The 3-D element of the pictures is fun and engaging for young children and when you throw in movement, music and sound effects, this eBook is hard to put down and your children will be begging to read it again and again. You really can’t go wrong with anything Elmo and this book is no exception. Your family will love reading Elmo Loves You!

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