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Do your children have a thirst for knowledge about the ocean and the amazing creatures that call it home? If so, Explorium – Ocean for Kids is the perfect app for your iDevices! Explorium takes children on a deep sea dive and introduces them to the world beneath the sea. The app lets them discover new animals, learn facts about the ocean itself and find fun mini-games to play.

Explorium begins by introducing Alice and Alex, two children with a map to the Lost City of Atlantis. Children can choose which character they want to help on the quest to find the city and once the choice is made it’s time to go under the sea! Fish swim by, anemones sway in current and mellow background music creates a gentle mood for the app. Exclamation marks accompany certain animals and items and if children tap on these they’ll see and hear a fact about it. There are over 50 encyclopedia facts for them to discover and after they find one it’s available to view anytime in an encyclopedia that can be accessed from the home screen.

In addition to the encyclopedia facts, children will find mini-games spread throughout the ocean scenes. The games are just for fun but they do incorporate animals that the children will see in the ocean. When your child finishes a game they will receive a piece of a puzzle. At the end of the ocean journey they can put the pieces together to reach Atlantis. Finishing the puzzle takes them to a sticker page where they can create an underwater Atlantis scene.

Explorium – Ocean Life is a solid educational app and I learned several facts about the ocean that I didn’t already know. I like the fact that children can easily access the encyclopedia after they’ve found the facts. The difficulty of the mini-games can be adjusted in a special parent’s section which is a plus for families that have children of multiple ages. The only part of the app that I didn’t care for is the way the characters giggle and the number of times they do it.  Children may not mind it as much but I felt that it interrupted the peaceful music.

Explorium – Ocean Life is a free download which allows children to play with a limited version of the app. After trying it out parents can then purchase the full version. Based on my own exploration of Explorium, and the way my five year old has taken to it, I have a feeling that the full version of the app will quickly become the one both children and parents want.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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