When the girls were small we used to have an assortment of  flannel board “puppet” theaters. Their favorite was an under sea adventure complete with treasure chests and mermaids. Through many rainy days and quiet times the girls would create original stories to entertain each other.  I loved to watch their young minds at work.  Fablescapes 2 provides a similar experience for the digital world.

The Free app version of Fablescapes 2 offers three Knights and Wizards backgrounds and 30 characters to manipulate in creating your own original story. The app is easy to use with simple drag and drop action.  Select your setting and then open the menu on the top left of the screen to access the props and characters and bring your ideas to life. As you place characters on the screen you find that you can animate them by double tapping them and switch them up by tapping yet again.  This app is a learn and play app. A few simple instructions are included on the home page under help, but mostly it’s just free play and exploration.

To try the app I recruited my now big girls to put away math and science homework and  bring out their imagination. It was a nice creative break for them and a trip down memory lane for me as I watched our storyboard adventure come to life. It included a princess trapped in a dragon’s lair, waiting to be rescued by the dashing village hero. True to our family’s nature, the scrawny village boy cages up the scheming strong man, frees the princess and the dragon and rides off to claim his prize at the castle. I think it will make a nice babysitting app to share.

I must tell you that we tried this app on both iPod Touch and iPad Mini.  I made several attempts to run the app on the iPod, without success. It crashed every time. When enjoyed on the Mini things went much smoother. I’m not sure why this is as I have the current iOS version and the most recent app updates are installed. I’m sure it’s a bug fix that the developers can spot and fix.


This app is also available for Android on Google Play


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When is come to the gadgets, gizmos and whats-its of the modern world, her three kids keep her up to speed. Whether its watching yet another iTunes card go up in smoke while music downloads at the speed of sound, teenage blogging, term paper research or the youngest studying spelling and math facts, she tries to ignore how many hours are logged on the hand held devices in her home. All that being said, the growth and learning the gizmos provide never cease to amaze her.

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