Faces iMake first appeared on my site in April of last year. This unique artistic app has always been a family favorite and it was great news to hear that there is now a version just for the iPad. We’ve been using the iPhone version on our iPad and “blowing it up” with the 2x button but I was looking forward to seeing how the new version took advantage of the bigger screen space.

The new iPad version is called Faces iMake – Right Brain Creativity. Faces iMake was developed with Hanoch Piven, an artist, author and educator who conducts creativity workshops. Last November I interviewed Eyal Dessou-Tzafrir, the developer of Faces iMake and you can read more about the story behind this app in that interview. The app includes several video lessons from Hanoch Piven showing how he creates his art.

The idea of Faces iMake is to use a variety of objects to create faces. Using everyday objects you can create unique collages and art. Faces iMake comes with objects in a variety of categories including letters, buttons, school, tools, kitchen, candy, music, toys and food. There’s so much to be found here. You’ll also find a wide range of base shapes to choose from for your face. You can even use your iPad’s camera to take a photo and then use that in your collage. My kids have created some very unique artwork with that feature. They’re virtually unrecognizable in several of the finished pictures.

When you’re creating your art it’s very easy to add in the objects. All you need to do is tap and drag the object where you’d like it to go. Resizing can be done and you can also rotate your object with your fingers. There are tools at the top of the screen for working with the objects. You’ll be able to flip an object or duplicate it. That’s great if you’re making eyes or ears. A layering tool is also included and I love having that option because it really lets you put some polish on your collage when you can choose what goes on top of what.

When your artwork is complete you have several things you can do with it. The “Share” option lets you order a puzzle through Tap2Print, save it to your iPad, email it out or share it via Facebook. Another option is to save your face to the “Gallery”. You can view the Gallery while you are working without having to leave the app. The Gallery also has other faces in a section marked “Inspiration”.

One final note – Faces iMake comes with a catchy little song with some “do-be-do-be-dos” and “these are the faces I makes” in it. It’s a cute song and it plays in the background while you create your art. A cute song but it can get a little tired after awhile so I was excited to see that this new version lets you import and play other music. A great new feature for a fantastic artistic app.

Final thoughts? With these new features Faces iMake continues to be one of our all time favorites.

*This is an iPad only app.*

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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Seller: iMagine machine LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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