Faces iMake is not a typical drawing app. This one lets you make faces by taking objects and turning them into a collage. The app has 20 face shapes that you can use as a starting point. Then you can choose a category of objects and start adding things to your face. Some of the categories include food, toys, buttons and school objects. Once you’ve dragged an object onto the screen you can easily move it around on the face. You can rotate it or move it behind another object to create a layered look. But you can’t resize the object and that’s one thing I wish you could do.  You can also change the background color for your collage. You have the ability to save your faces into a work gallery and you can add the photo to an iPhone contact.

I love the concept of Faces iMake and it’s got a terrific variety of objects to use in the collages. This is an app that really encourages creativity.

*There were a few times the app crashed on me. If I shut down my phone and then restarted it the app worked fine.

Price when Reviewed: $.99 (limited time sale)

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Seller: iMagine machine LLC

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.


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  1. Hila Grinker Golan

    Hi Heather, just wanted to say about the fact you cannot resize the objects – I struggled with the same thing, and then my husband pointed out that because the app is meant to demonstrate real objects and how you need to be creative to use them in their actual size, it gives you their ratio as it is in reality. (You would not be able to resize a tomato, would you? 🙂 )

    I loved the app too!

  2. Eyal

    Hi Heather, We are the makers of Faces iMake and I would like to say first of all thank you for this great review.

    Couple of things:

    – Update is coming soon that will fix the crash

    – Faces iMake is based on the INTERNATIONALLY SUCCESSFUL Children’s Art Workshop Series by Hanoch Piven and we have included video lessons in the app.

    – Our community is growing everyday, and more and more people are discovering Faces iMake.

    Part of the growing happnes because people are creating amazing stuff and sharing it, so if you have download Faces iMake, we would love to see your Faces on facebook or email them to us at [email protected] so we can share them with the world 🙂

    With hopes of seeing your Faces

    All the best

    iMagine machine


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