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Hidden Picture puzzles are a long-time favorite of children; mine included. Now Hidden Picture puzzles come to life on the screen right in front of your eyes with Find All. This app has several brightly-colored and interactive illustrations that will entertain and delight your children as they search for the hidden elements in each one.

Find All is a perfect app for preschool-aged children who are just learning the concept of hidden pictures. The illustrations are very kid-friendly and the objects are scattered throughout the picture, some easy to spot and some a little more challenging. Once your child locates an object, they simply tap on it to animate it and remove it from the picture. Once they have found and tapped all of the hidden objects, they can move on to the next picture. There are pictures to appeal to children of all interests including, an ocean picture, a garden with buzzing bees, and even a circus!

I really enjoyed this app. I felt that it was very well designed and executed for its target audience. Preschoolers will love the way the pictures come to life as they find the hidden objects. The puzzles are easy enough to build their confidence and challenging enough to keep them engaged and coming back for more. The app is a free initial download that comes with 6 pictures, with an additional 8 pictures available to purchase in app for $1.99. Find All is a wonderful way for your child to pass the time, perhaps while traveling on a family vacation this summer or while you need a few minutes to do some housework or cook dinner. Whenever you choose to use it, your child will be entertained while sharpening their minds as they “Find All” the hidden pictures in this app!

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