If you think pleasing your kids during mealtime can be tough, how would you like feeding a peckish monster? That’s just what’s on the menu in Foodo Kitchen! A delightfully sweet game designed to boost children’s memory and observation skills through intuitive play.

Monsters can be tough customers. They slur their words and have no qualms about spitting out things they don’t like. So, its a good thing they give you a picture to match their order.  You’ll find impressive animation detail in this app with lots of interactions, but no text or instructions. Just like mealtime at home you have to use your intuition to figure it out. (I’m giving out cheats here for those who like a little more detail to their recipes.) There are three simple ingredients in every recipe: flour, milk and eggs. You mix them up right on the counter top, don’t worry about finding a bowl. When you get the proportions right, you’ll know its time to roll the dough. Next shape the cake according to the order using cutters found in the locked drawer.  We liked that a striped arrow on the bottom of the page fills in as you complete steps to give a heads up for moving on. Need hints for how to turn on the oven, watch the cute little mouse. He’s an expert at setting the temp. and gives lots of encouragement. Flavor the finished cake like the order or add your own choice to see if it will appeal to your customer. Decoration are all about your style. We found the monsters far to ravenous to care if the sprinkles we’re brightly colored bugs or delectable mushrooms.

Although it might be temping for kids to mix up crazy flavors there are bonuses for a satisfied customer. You earn pictures in the menu, new toppings and more customers as the word spreads about your great service.

My testers had rave reviews for Foodo Kitchen! While monsters may not like every creation, they were a generally likable bunch and fairly patient too. They don’t mind when you rearrange things on the shelves or try to catch the pesky bee. (A favorite activity was sticking it in the jiggly jello mold.) We give this creative kitchen 4.5 stars based on fun and creativity but falling a bit high on the price tag and tad low on instruction. But when looking at a restaurant scale,4.5 is a place you’ll come back to again and again!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the app for review purposes.

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