Last October, I reviewed a wonderful app for preschoolers called Forestpals Autumn. Well now the adorable Forestpals are back in an all new adventure, this time featuring the season of Winter.  It is Deer’s birthday and he is searching for friends to celebrate with him.  Unfortunately, much of the forest is sleeping under a blanket of snow and Deer must learn about hibernation and migration to understand why some of his friends can’t join in his birthday celebration.

As Deer travels through the forest, he finds Fox, Squirrel, Rabbit, Sparrow and Owl.  He calls out for his friends Bear, Hedgehog and Frog only to be shushed by Owl who informs Deer that those 3 friends are sleeping and won’t wake for some time.  He also learns that his best friend Goose has migrated for the winter and cannot be at his birthday celebration either.  Deer is disappointed that Goose cannot attend his party, but just in the nick of time a postcard arrives from Goose wishing his friend a Happy Birthday.  As Deer prances through the winter wonderland with his birthday card, he grows tired and lays down for a little winter nap.  When he wakes up, he discovers that his forest friends have put together a birthday party for him and he is able to enjoy his birthday despite the fact that all of his friends aren’t there.

There are several things about the Forestpals apps that I really love.  First of all, the stories are told in a very simple and age-appropriate way so they really hold the attention of preschoolers.  They also integrate information about the seasons into the story and educate children about the different seasons as the story unfolds.  The illustrations are bright and colorful as well.  The characters are always moving about the screen as the story is told and really help keep your child engaged while the story is told.  Perhaps my favorite feature is how the app has short games interspersed throughout the story.  I really think that the games are a wonderful way to break up the story a little and really hold the short attention span of preschool aged children.  The games are basic yet fun activities such as matching games, easy puzzles and coloring activities.  Children can also access and play the games without listening to the story if they would like.

I was very impressed with Forestpals Autumn when I reviewed it and Forestpals Winter does not disappoint either.  I would highly recommend these short, yet fun stories for any family with preschoolers or any preschool teacher.  I think they are a fantastic way to introduce young children to the concept of the four seasons and the changes that come to the earth with each season.  The stories and activities are entertaining and educational and your children are sure to enjoy learning and playing with these cute Forestpals.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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