Here are this week’s Friday Findings!  Enjoy!


iPad Screenshot 1Rolling Pea:  The Rolling Pea app is a fun interactive fairy tale for children.  With Rolling Pea, kids can enjoy the story of a boy with incredible strength and a brave heart who goes on an adventure to rescue his sister and brother from an evil dragon!  This app features more than 30 amazing fully animated pages.  There are more than 500 interactive elements and sounds for children to explore.  Kids will also enjoy the interactive surprises and funny games throughout the app.  There is an original soundtrack, and each page has its own special music.  The app also has been fully narrated by professional actors…kids can enjoy the story in Read to Me mode or Read by Myself mode.  If you would like to share a fun new interactive storybook with your child, be sure to check out Rolling Pea!  Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.  Price: $4.99 ~ See Rolling Pea in the App Store


iPhone Screenshot 5BabyBoard Game:  The BabyBoard Game is an educational app designed especially for children ages 18+ months old.  With BabyBoard Game, children can play a game that will improve their cognitive thinking and motor skills.  The app was developed by a team of designers and psychologists who create apps that build on a child’s natural sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity.  This app features colorful and lively, quality graphics and animations.  The app would be an ideal first app for a young child.  Some of the critical lessons shared include: shapes, sorting, tracking, colors, patterns and more.  There are three levels of play adapted for various ages, but the app is easy-to-use and child friendly with even the youngest children kept in mind.  The app is also great for children with special needs to help them practice motor skills in a fun and playful way (i.e. fine motor delays and processing issues).  If you would like to share a fun educational app with your little one, be sure to check out BabyBoard Game!  Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.  Price: FREE ~ See BabyBoard Game in the App Store


iPad Screenshot 1Little Who Who:  The Little Who Who app is a great app for calming your child before bedtime.  With Little Who Who, parents and children can enjoy happy and colorful backgrounds filled with animated animal characters, as well as a soothing poem (can be read or heard aloud).  The app features an original story written in rhyme, and is appropriate for all ages.  There are over 50 interactive and beautifully animated characters.  Kids will love the surprise game (memory game) that offers over 20 animated animal characters.  The app features fully adaptable audio settings that allow parents to adapt narration volume control to their preferences, as well as music and background sound effects.  Kids can read the story in various modes: Auto Play, Read to Me, and Read it Myself.  If you would like to share a fun bedtime app with your child, be sure to check out Little Who Who!  Requirements: Compatible with iPad.  Requires iOS 5.0 or later.  Price: $1.99 ~ See Little Who Who in the App Store


iPhone Screenshot 1Cowpokes:  The Cowpokes app is a fun game for kids of various ages.  With Cowpokes, the goal is to help the good folks at the Lazy Hitch Ranch…the grass at the ranch is green and the cows aren’t there to eat it!  Kids will use their finger to swipe a cow to move and steer it.  Kids can also use their finger as a lasso to move more than once cow at a time.  Getting the cows moving is the easy part, keeping them safe and getting them all to the corral can be tricky, though!  Watch out on the trail for boulders, rattlesnakes and gophers that will get in the way of your cows.  Rustlers also set sneaky traps to try and separate cows from your herd!  Can you get the cows back to the corral and become a Cattle Baron?  If you would like to share a fun game with your child, be sure to check out Cowpokes!  Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is customized for iPhone 5.  Price: $1.99 ~ See Cowpokes in the App Store


iPad Screenshot 1Moo Said Morris:  The Moo Said Morris app is a interactive story for children.  With Moo Said Morris, kids can read a fun story about Morris the mouse, who says “Moo!”, instead of “Squeak!” like most other mice.  The app features a whole lot of interactive, farmyard fun…and even a recording studio where children can moo, bark, trumpet, and hoot themselves silly and then hear their own sounds play back in the story, too!  The app has a simple interface that is easy to use for younger children.  There is interactivity on almost every page, and original music, sound effects and narration throughout.  Kids can try to find all the hidden cheese throughout the story, and watch as surprising animations leap from the pages.  If you would like to share a fun new app with your child, be sure to check out Moo Said Morris!  Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.1 or later.  Price: $2.99 ~ See Moo Said Morris in the App Store

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