Driller Bunny – Driller Bunny looks like a fun game, something great to pick up and waste a few minutes here and there. It also looks like it has the potential to be addicting though so be careful! You play the game as a bunny who is drilling down through 60 levels, trying to collect jewels. The game is played by tilting your device to move the bunny where you need him to go on the screen. There are three world for Driller Bunny to journey through and power ups to collect along the way. Driller Bunny is integrated with Gamecenter and promises updates with new worlds and levels. I could see my son really getting into this one. Price: $.99 ~ See Driller Bunny in iTunes

Princess Arabella Wants to Play – Princess Arabella Wants to Play is a storybook app based on the Princess Arabella books by Mylo Freeman. The app features animations, music and sound effects. The story comes in several different versions. There is the short text version and then the pre-recorded narration. Then there is the complete story, with longer text, for more advanced readers. The app is available in English and Dutch with separate versions also available in German and French. Price: $1.99 ~ See Princess Arabella in iTunes

Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure – What happens when a boy named Ug decides he doesn’t want to go to Stone Age school? The storybook app Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure will give you the answer. The story has been written by the brother and sister team of Ice Cream Fine Storybooks. Together Kate and Patrick Buss have created an original tale with unique illustrations. The app has a finger painting activity and several reading modes, including narration and auto play. Ug comes in an iPhone and an iPad version. Price: $.99 ~ See Ug in iTunes

The Gobberwobbly – The Gobberwobbly is another original tale from the illustrator of Ug. This time Kate Buss tells of a monster living inside a boy’s house. A monster he catches, tames and makes his friend forever. The Gobberwobbly features text highlighting, narration, a table of contents, animations and sound effects. It is available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Price: $.99 ~ See The Gobberwobbly in iTunes

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