• 123 Kids Fun Games – This is a collection of learning games for preschoolers. Activities focus on counting, letters, animals, simple words and music. The app is universal and has been developed for both the iPhone and the iPad. A lite version is available and I’d suggest trying that out to see if the games engage your child. Price when Reviewed: Free for Lite version or $.99 for full ~ See 123 Kids Fun Games in iTunes
  • I Luv Chocolat – In this game you will be working to steal chocolates from a factory. Because who can help themselves when it comes to chocolate right? There are seven levels to navigate and thirty chocolates to collect. There are also bad chocolates to avoid. Bad chocolates should always be avoided. I haven’t tried this game out but I’m a sucker for anything relating to chocolate. A lite version of the game is available and I’ll probably give that a try when i have a few minutes to spare. Price when Reviewed: Free for Lite version or $.99 for full ~ See i Luv Chocolat in iTunes
  • The Tales of Panchatantra: The Lion & the Hare – The Panchatantra is a collection of Indian fables from the 3rd Century B.C. They are similar to Aesop’s Fables and are told through the eyes of birds and animals. This particular Panchatantra tale is that of the Lion & the Hare. The story is presented as if a grandfather is telling it to his grandchildren. The story can be listened to in Hindi or English and it has over forty screens. This is a universal app that’s been developed for both iPad and iPhone. Price when Reviewed: $2.99 ~ See The Tales of Panchatantra in iTunes
  • uSwim: Teach kids to swim – The uSwim program has put together an app that will show you how to teach your children to swim. They have included videos that will show you step by step what you should do. Lesson plans are also included. uSwim covers three different levels. These are Babies – ages four months to three years, Safety Fundamentals – children over three years and Stroke Development – children over three years who have finished level two. Sounds like a great bit of education to have on my phone. I know how to swim but not how to teach my children. They’ve been taking lessons for several years but it would be nice if I could help out also. Price when Reviewed: Free ~ See uSwim in iTunes
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