Some of the earliest formal lessons I taught my children were the color words.  Probably because “want to daw” was my oldest first sentence.  Fun English is a mobile English learning app series designed to introduce vocabulary and written language to early learners.  Colors is the first of the seven lessons available for play and learning. It is offered free with the other lessons available as in app purchase.

Each lesson consists of six individual games.  The levels start at the basics. For this particular app the color word is given, an example is presented, and fun and engaging games are provided.  As your child becomes proficient the games becomes more challenging.


Fun English is created by Pumkin Online English – a team of educators who have brought their classroom-tested English course to the Internet and now to mobile platforms. We have a step-by-step English course that teaches the English language in an effective and entertaining way.


✔ Designed by language learning experts.
✔ Five or more unique games in each fun-packed lesson.
✔ English and American accents. Male and female voices.
✔ Original music, songs and sound effects.
✔ Beautiful original cartoon artwork.
✔ Works on all devices, especially good on iPad!
✔ Even 3 year olds can play.

The first game in Fun English – Colors is Bubbles, and its a great place to start.  A color name is spoken and the corresponding colored bubble appears for you to touch and ”pop”.  A master of this level will have multiple bubbles to choose from and a skillful popper can burst the smaller bubbles at they appear.   Memory Match, one of my favorites for children, starts with just a few tiles but advances to a full screen.  Fun English added a shuffle dimension for missed guesses.   As the levels progress, you’ll have to keep your eye on the tile because it may bounce across the screen. Palette offers the chance to mix colors and kids will enjoy painting the animations while Two by Two teaches them to link two blocks together in a Bejeweled style game.

I thought all six of the games were well thought out and geared for the target audience. As a suggestion, I think Color Search could be improved if it was easier to identify which objects are part of the game play.  And for a true beginner, I think Spelling could benefit from a “copy me” feature as a 1st level.

Whether your child is learning English as a second language or a preschooler starting on the road to reading the Fun English app series will have them off and running in no time.

Price when Reviewed: Colors only is Free

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Requirements:  Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Seller: MATEO SOLARES © 2012

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