Games from the Playroom is a cute and fun app that is the perfect way for your young child to pass the time while riding in the car or waiting in line at the grocery store.  This app is a companion app to the “Tales from the Playroom” storybook app.  Utilizing the same characters, the story is carried over into these fun little games that you can download for FREE!

This app comes with three games for your playing enjoyment.  There is a fun matching game where children must tap the cards in sets of two as they search for a match.  There are three levels of difficulty to choose from so your children can be challenged no matter their age.  Next, there is a great picture matching game where a picture of one of the characters is pinned in the upper right corner of the screen.  Your child must tap through various head, body and leg choices until they match how the character in the picture looks.  Then they must tap on the right background color that matches the example picture to complete the challenge. Finally, there is a hidden picture game where your children must search through the scene and find the items that are listed at the bottom of the screen.  This activity has 2 scenes to choose from and the selection of items to find changes each time you play.

Games from the Playroom is a really great FREE app that your children will enjoy playing.  The illustrations are really beautiful and colorful and the characters are pretty cute.  Like I said earlier, this app is perfect for keeping your preschool-aged kids occupied for a few minutes while driving, waiting in line, etc.  This isn’t one of those apps that they will want to play for a long time since there are only 3 activities and they are fairly easy and quick to complete.  However, we all know that those apps that will keep kids quiet for a few precious minutes is sometimes all we need and Games from the Playroom will definitely fill that need!

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Monica is a mother of four incredibly bright, talented and energetic children. She has a bachelors degree in Child Development and nearly 11 years of experience as a mom to help her find and recommend great apps for your family. When she isn’t caring for her family or researching and reviewing apps, you can find her volunteering at the elementary school, torturing herself at the gym, or hiding out with her nose in a good book.

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