Sometimes it can be a challenge to find an enriching and entertaining app to help preschoolers build a strong basis for  math skills? Look no further than Gazzilimath.  Incorporating bright and cheery animations and a  friendly park environment are just the ticket to provide the perfect balance of learning progressions and engaging activities.

Start at the gates of Gazzili Park where they illustrate how numerals relate to amounts. First you’ll  need to buy tickets for each of  the adorable Gazzili bunch children.  Once inside, the bunch is off to visit the animals. Count them and label their exhibits, then feed them the proper amount of  food. The illustrations are adorable and you can interact with the animals by tapping on them. As each operation is mastered a new level is unlocked providing a natural progression.

Six levels are presented moving from numerals to very beginning division. For addition the process is represented visually first. One example shows 3 lemurs joined by 1 more to equal 4 lemurs. This is followed by the formula 3+1=4. I think this really helps children make a connection from literal to figurative applications.  Similar game play is found on each level. When a level is completed you move to the Gazzili Fun Page.  Here children are rewarded for their efforts with a musical game. New players or singers are earned for each level completion. My particular favorite is the bongo playing frogs.

When I first looked at the app I thought making the jump from counting to “a half” in such a short time might be a bit of a stretch, but working through the games I can see how the steps build on each other naturally. I found the app to be well thought out and I think it is a great learning opportunity. I think young children will really enjoy the Gazzili bunch children and the cute animals. I wouldn’t hesitate to share the initial games with toddlers just learning to count. A couple minor suggestions for the developer would be to incorporate an audio count when objects are touched, particularly for the first lesson. And I liked that the hearing impaired mode presents written words to match the spoken narration, but the placement of the text on the screen is usually right over the objects that need to be manipulated. A minor location shift would be beneficial.





Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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