team is excited to bring you some great gift ideas for everyone on your list. We know how hard it can be to choose between multiple devices and products that are so similar to each other. We’ve done our best to go through many different categories of electronic gifts that will be of interest to our readers and bring you the best products possible. We have even branched out from the Apple world, just in case you have some non-Apple friends or family members! There are some very cool devices in our list below and a few of them are on our wish lists as well!


Amazon’s Kindle is a great device for reading books. Many people find readers that use E ink displays are easier on the eyes, and better for reading in bright sunlight. There are several different models available starting at $69 which makes this a great entry tablet for many.

Kindle with Wi-Fi


Entry-level DSLR:

Is there a budding photography buff in your life? Canon’s EOS Rebel T3 is a good entry-level prosumer model; it has the functionality that smaller point-and-shoot models don’t have, but comes at a much more affordable price-point than the higher-end models do, without advanced functions that may not be necessary.

Canon EOS Rebel T3



iPad mini:

Apple’s latest entry in its iPad lineup has a form factor between the smaller iPod Touch and its larger iPad brethren. The mini is lighter, easier to carry around with you, and still big enough to watch your favorite shows, surf the web, etc. While the larger iPad is more useful when typing emails, or for eyes that prefer a bigger screen with higher resolution, the mini is a great compromise on size and functionality.

iPad Mini at Walmart




Point and Shoot Camera:

The Canon PowerShot A4000 IS digital camera is equipped with an 8x Optical Zoom to get you close to the action and a 28mm Wide-Angle lens and Optical Image Stabilizier for fantastic, clear images.  With a 16.0 Megapizel Image Sensor and 32 automatic shooting situations, you will take amazing pictures with just a point and shoot! Amazon is having a pretty amazing 50% sale on this camera; normally $199, grab it at $99 today!

Canon PowerShot A4000IS



All great electronic devices need great cases to protect them from life’s bumps and drops.  Parents of little children know how easily phones can get scratched or seriously damaged by little hands. There are many, many cases to choose from that will meet your lifestyle (and fashion!).  We highlight a few winners below.

The iPhone is a gorgeous phone that can scratch way to easily.  To say nothing of what sticky fingers can do on the screen!  The OtterBox Defender is a good looking iPhone case that is available in many colors. This case will protect you phone from anything a toddler can throw at it, with the exception of a dunk in water.

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone case


I often listen to audiobooks while I run (see my upcoming audible review) and whenever I explain this to someone they ask how I run with my iPhone.  Since I know I would drop my phone if I tried to hold it the entire time, I depend on my tuneband iPhone case.  I do not use this as my daily case because I do not love how it looks, but the silicon would certainly protect from bumps and drops.  When I am ready for a run, I pop my phone out of it’s everyday case and into here, strap it on (and I have smallish arms) and off I go. Comfortable and easy to use!

Tuneband for iPhone 4 and 4S Tuneband for iPhone 5


 Like my iPhone, I would be devastated if something preventable happened to my new iPad.  My kids would be as well! Thanks to the Griffin Survivor Extreme Military iPad Case, I know my iPad is well protected.  With a name like that, how can it be otherwise?  This case envelopes my iPad in polycarbonate frame wrapped in a thick pad of silicone. The screen protector does not hinder touch screen sensitivity (confirmed by a two year old).  Tested to withstand everything your kids can throw at it…even leaving it out in the rain for an hour! And it comes in purple 🙂

Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military case for the new iPad (4th Generation), iPad 3 and iPad 2

One more iPad case, the Moshi Concerti, this one for those who need some protection, but perhaps not the same indestructible toddler-proof protection that the Griffin offers.  My mom has this case on her iPad 2 and I love it!  The iPad has survived a couple of accidental drops off laps onto the floor in this case (sorry mom!) so there is some durability built in, but even better it is a great looking cover for the iPad.  The one thing the Griffin lacks is a good horizontal stand while the Moshi Concerti offers a few different viewing angles making it ideal for reading or watching videos. Encased in a suede like material, I love the look and feel of this cover and a hand pocket makes holding the iPad that much more comfortable.

Moshi Concerti new iPad 3 case    Moshi Concerti for iPad 2 case

Charging Bag:

I didn’t even know a bag like this existed! Powered by a removable, rechargeable battery, this backpack lets you charge your favorite USB powered devices.  This is perfect for the frequent traveler who is always complaining of low battery power. Powerbag has built-in Apple, Micro-USB, Mini-USB connectors and a USB port, an external one-touch battery level indication and a wall adapter charges Powerbag and any connected devices inside  easily via the external waterproof charging port.  Powerbag also has quick-access charging pockets, a padded compartment for up to 15-Inch laptop and a protective tablet pocket. 

Powerbag Business Class Laptop Backpack with Battery for Charging Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders (RFAP-0013P)


 Have you discovered that winter weather and smartphones don’t mix?  The only way to text, type and surf the web used to be to take off your gloves and let your fingers freeze.  Not anymore! At only $17.99 treat yourself to a pair of Agloves this winter!  Completely smartphone compatible, these gloves will keep your fingers warm while you text.

Agloves ® Touchscreen Gloves


Clock/Docking Stations:

I’d like a new clock radio.  My husband thinks my old one is too loud so I have been setting the alarm on my iPhone. While I wake up to nice music now, I spent a couple of minutes jabbing the tiny snooze button this morning. My eyes don’t like to work before coffee. So to make both of us happy, I have spent more time than I will admit looking for the perfect iPhone clock radio.  My time spent is time you don’t have to!  I have learned more about iPhone clocks than I ever wanted to know.  In a nutshell, there are a few things to be aware of in your search for the perfect alarm clock and docking station: 1) almost none of these accessories are compatible with the new iPad and iPhone 5.  They all use a 30 pin dock with the exception of the iHome dock noted below that includes a USB connector for the iPhone 5; 2) docking stations for both an iPad and iPhone will not have a good stand for the iPad and the connection will be wobbly; 3) check reviews if clock displays tend to be too bright for you; 4) as is so often the case, speaker quality depends on price; 5) not all the radios have am stations, so check the specs before buying.  Keeping these things in mind should help on your search for the perfect speaker/docking station/alarm clock for your iPhone.


This is the only clock radio I have found that has a USB connector to charge the iPhone 5 or other devices which means you can charge one device on the dock and one via USB. It has 8 levels of dimming for the clock display, a clock sync with your device and battery backup in case power goes out.  For a compact base, it has good sound quality as well.  The iHome also has dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod that lets you charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod and lets you wake and sleep to any of these, to a custom playlist, or to FM radio. The iPad looks steadier in the docking station than others.

iHome iPod/iPhone/iPad Alarm Clock Speaker Dock


One more clock/docking station to highlight.  The iHome iA63 is unique because it allows you to dock an iPhone or iPod vertically or horizontally allowing you to watch videos hands free.

 iHome iA63 iPod/iPhone Alarm Clock Speaker Dock



In my search for a clock radio, I came across this retro looking Sony Walkman!  It reminded me so much of the old Sony walkman (with tape deck) that I still have in my night table drawer in case of blackouts…including those ear phones!  This is a great little device for emergency weather situations. The Walkman has Digital AM/FM/Weather stereo tuner with a 20-station preset memory, direct weather and preset access buttons, Digital LCD digital with clock and battery indicators, and headphones and belt clip are included!

Sony Walkman Digital Weather/FM/AM Stereo Radio

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