Gnome Rush is a simple game that might appeal to preschoolers and early elementary school aged kiddos. In this app you are a farmer who is trying to harvest his apple crop as the apples keep dropping off the trees. When you tilt the iPhone from side to side the farmer moves across the screen. The idea is to position him underneath the falling apples so they land in his basket. Each time you catch an apple you earn a point. But beware! Gnomes are also falling out of the tree and when one of those lands in your basket you will lose points. Gnomes cost you many more points than caught apples will earn you. The game  is played in “day” intervals and at the end of each day the points you have won are tallied and scored. Then the “day” begins again and it’s time to catch more apples and avoid those pesky gnomes all over again. After playing for seven “days” the game is over.

Gnome Rush runs smoothly but it didn’t seem to strike a chord with my kids. The game is well put together but just didn’t hold enough excitement for my crew.

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Seller: Dmitri Iarandine

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