Here is an app for all the Go, Diego, Go! fans out there. Diego has come to the iPhone and he needs your help! There are shy baby animals all around the world that won’t come out of hiding. Your job is to help Diego play some music that will calm the babies. Diego will play a few musical notes on his flute. Then it’s your turn to tap out the notes on the flute in the correct order. The notes are color coordinated with the holes on the flute. When you’ve completed the song you’ll hear it played back again. Watch as the baby animal comes out of hiding. Now it’s time to find the next one.

There are five different habitats and each has a baby animal that needs help. Each habitat features a different song for you to play. There is also a special “holiday” area. This one is decorated for Christmas and you’ll play a holiday song on the flute.  After you have rescued all the animals you can go through each habitat and play the songs again.

Younger Diego fans will love this app and I can see them playing it over and over. Older children will probably grow bored with the repetition. The app itself is well designed and stays completely true to the Diego series. Playing it is like interacting with the show and will be a treat for small fans.  

Price when Reviewed: $1.99

Go, Diego, Go! Musical Missions

Seller: Nickelodeon

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.




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