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Princesses with beautiful golden hair, an evil king and a little bit of magic are all of the essential ingredients to a perfect fairy tale. Golden Hair, Read & Play has all of those ingredients and more! This beautiful Czech fairy tale is an amazing interactive eBook that will delight your children and also teaches valuable life lessons.

Yirik is the chef for the king. He comes upon a magic fish that gives the person who consumes it the power to communicate with animals and insects. The king commands Yirik to prepare the fish but forbids him from tasting it. Yirik disobeys the king’s orders and samples his entrée and sure enough, discovers that he can in fact communicate with animals and insects. One day, the king sets out on a horseback ride with Yirik to confirm his suspicions that Yirik ate the fish. Yirik admits to disobeying the king’s orders and is sentenced to death by beheading. The only way he can save himself is to find the golden haired maiden the king desires to have as his wife and bring him back to the castle. Yirik leaves on his quest and, along the way, has several opportunities to help his new animal friends. The animals are so grateful for his help that they vow to help him in his time of need. When he reaches the castle where the maiden lives, her father takes a liking to Yirik and agrees to let him take his daughter to the king if Yirik can complete three difficult tasks for him. Yirik’s death appears to be imminent, but with the help of the animals he’s saved maybe he can complete the tasks and his life will be spared!

Golden Hair is a wonderful story that your children will love. I loved it as well for several reasons. First of all, the illustrations are simply breathtaking and vibrant. Each page is interactive which really adds to the enjoyment of the story. Within the story are mini-games that go along with the story; things like puzzles, hidden pictures and more! I also loved the message the story teaches to children. It is a wonderful example of how good deeds to not go unrecognized and that perseverance and hard work can help you achieve your goals. I think this story is perfect for older elementary school-aged children. It may be too long to hold the attention of young children and some elements of the story, such as the execution of Yirik, might be a little disturbing for younger audiences. Families with older children are sure to love this fairy tale and it will be an amazing addition to your eBook library!

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