Katherine’s little testers have been looking forward to playing Bamba apps since they fist donned their aprons to play Bamba Pizza. They were absolutely trilled with the chance to play Bamba Post Office and Bamba Toys has quickly become a favorite of Monica’s three year old. Reading through their reviews I can see why.  Combining great-looking, kid-friendly graphics and age appropriate audio tracks with things kids love, like pizza, packages and toys how could they be anything but a hit?

Here’s a brief description from the developer:

Bamba Post Office: Kids love presents! Bamba Post Office lets the kids pick a present, wrap the parcel and deliver it to a wacky character. Pick nice gifts and see the characters jump for joy; or pick a smelly old boot and watch them go’ Yuck’! Best of all the kids can take a picture and deliver it to that person! Great for interactive playtime with the kids. The card writing feature allows kids to write their cards and save a screenshot at the end. Features:
 – Dozens of presents, wrappers and decorations to choose from – Pink Bows to UFOs! 
- Deliver the present to three of our silly friends – Yuri the Astronaut, Priya the Princess and Forest Frida
. – Use the camera to take a picture and deliver it to another person – be it a lovely cake or a can of worms! 
- Interactive present assembling – choose the gift, decorate the box and write the card!
 – Fantastic, beautiful artwork
 – Kid-focused interface 
- No external advertising
 – No in-app purchases
 – Great for kids 2+
. Bamba Post Office is an interactive toy designed for kids. There are no scores, complicated interfaces or stressful time limits. This game is great to play alone or with an adult.

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad. Price: $1.99  ~ See Bamba Post Office in the App Store 


Bamba Toys: Kids love toys! Let them design their own – from customizing the parts to designing the packaging. Let their creative juices run wild! Choose from dozens of parts and accessories – from wacky Pirates to glamorous Pop Stars. Kids build the toy from a blueprint, picking parts and accessories before assembling the toy. They can then make a studio recording in the toy’s heart voicebox. Packaging comes next with lots of box designs and stickers. Finally, kids get to unbox the toy and play with it! Accessories come with great sounds and animations – and when play time is over, the toy is placed back on the shelf and they can make a new one! Features: – Dozens of toy parts, toy accessories, packaging and stickers to choose from – Astronauts to Rockstars! – Make a recording in the voicebox, play it back when playing with the toy. – Decorate the packaging, spell out the name of the toy. – Assemble the toy with a mini-game. – Free updates for new parts and accessories – Awesome play animations and sound effects – Fantastic, beautiful artwork. – Kid-focused interface -No external advertising – No in-app purchases – Great for kids 2+

Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad. Price: $1.99  ~ See Bamba Toys in the App Store

The developers at Mezmedia  have done a great job tapping into the natural creativity and imagination of children across our Mom panel.  We think you’ll love their apps too and we’re excited to share promo codes for Bamba Post Office and Bamba Toys with our first 10 viewers today!

** To enjoy a great new app, grab one of the iTunes promo codes below! Be sure to leave a comment letting us know which one you used.  **

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