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A bountiful bunch of beautiful blooms brings  big bonus for a garden. A bounty brought by butterflies and bees. At least that’s what I found the year I let zinnias take over a large corner of the veggie plot. Left unchecked it was not only beautiful but produced the best crop of bell peppers we ever had. Bees, butterflies and their relationship with plants and people are lessons your child will learn in the app Gro Flowers.

Game play begins by designing eye catching flowers. Identical drawings appear on each petal allowing you to create pretty patterns. Take those blooms to the field and see what they attract. Whether its bees, butterflies or a critter we thought looked like a bat, children will learn that pollinating flowers not only produces honey (from the bees) but more flowers for the field, More flowers = more honey and a cycle of productivity begins. They developed strategies to protect their busy helpers from harmful sprays and were excited at the yields that are produced. I was truly impressed with the subtle way Gro Flowers taught about the inter-relationship of plants, animals and people.

During some down time this week my middle daughter, who loves to babysit, asked if I had any new apps to try. I passed her my phone and told her I had a new one that looked pretty cute and sure enough it was a hit. My visiting nieces also had a great time designing flowers and coaxing bees and other critters to pollinate them. This app is listed for age 5 and under, but watching the testers in my house 7 year olds enjoyed it much more than 4 year olds. There is a fair bit of patience and dexterity required to keep bees hovering in just the right spot to collect nectar. Another subtle teaching moment about the amount of work that goes into making even a drop of honey.

Gro Flowers quickly became a favorite at our house and you better believe lessons in  bio-diversity brought bright eyes and brilliant smiles all around.

 Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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