October is one of my favorite months. My favorite season is fall and here in Idaho the weather will finally shift, leaves will begin to change and I’ll be able to pull out my fleece. Then there’s that big holiday at the end of the month. I could do without the actual Halloween holiday but I do enjoy all the buildup. There’s the decorations, the pumpkin carving and last (but certainly not least) the abundance of all the snack sized candy. October is also the month my son was born so we’re guaranteed cake and ice cream to go with our candy corn.

With all that sugar around the house we usually need to get out and burn off energy, which means we’re usually searching for Octoberish outings around town. I’m always on the lookout for a break from our usual fall traditions and I was excited to try out the free app, Halloweenville. Halloweenville provides listings for haunted houses and family activities happening in the month of October. Listings are sorted by state and you can view details including the description, phone number, admission price, operating hours, etc. It’s all information I’d be googling anyway so I love having it in one convenient location on my phone.

In addition to the listings Halloweenville also has nine scary sounds you can play to set a creepy mood as you drive around town. The developers have also included a collection of short stories that will bring even more spookiness to the season.

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