The circus has come to town and your young children will love discovering who’s waiting to meet them under the big top. Reminiscent of the Pop-up Surprise toys found in nursery schools everywhere Hello Door is a delight for toddlers.

Opening the app reveals 8 doors with learning surprises behind each one. In the free version of this app children will open the door into the circus world. There are two ways to play. Initially a shadow outline of the animal is shown. Tap it and magically a full color animated image appears. Lions, seals, prancing horses, elephants, a parrot and a dancing bear all accompanied by circus music, bright pennants and balloons.  After children are familiar with the animals move to a matching game.  Multiple animals appear in the center ring and an animal is announced for you to match.

Hello Door is a delightful surprise for your toddler.

This app is also available for Android on Google Play.

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When is come to the gadgets, gizmos and whats-its of the modern world, her three kids keep her up to speed. Whether its watching yet another iTunes card go up in smoke while music downloads at the speed of sound, teenage blogging, term paper research or the youngest studying spelling and math facts, she tries to ignore how many hours are logged on the hand held devices in her home. All that being said, the growth and learning the gizmos provide never cease to amaze her.

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