Yee Haw!  Y’all ready for a high-flyin’, stunt-makin’, motorcycle ridin’ good time?  Well then git on over to iTunes and git yerself a copy of Hill Bill.  Bill is a young hillbilly with big aspirations to become a motorcycle stunt man just like his idol Evel Knievel.  So ambitious Bill gets himself a bike from a garage sale, builds his own ramps and jumps in his backyard and the rest is history.  Soon Bill is off to places like the circus and the Grand Canyon showcasing his stunt-riding skills and livin’ his dream!

Using your finger to control the throttle, you control Hill Bill’s motorcycle.  As the game progresses, more and more tricks and stunts are introduced with increasingly difficult finger-swipe combinations and more complicated jumps to complete.  Each time you successfully land a jump, a level is completed and you earn Star Spangled Bucks.  These “Bucks” can be used to purchase new costumes for Hill Bill and upgrade his garage sale bike to some “purdy darn amazin’” stunt bikes.

I will admit, when I first opened up this app and saw what it was I was not very excited about playing it.   However, after a few wheelies on the bike Hill Bill won me over with his hilarious hillbilly voice and the equally entertaining sounds effects and animation.  I had my son sit down and play the game also and he really loved it.  We were both laughing over Bill’s quirky hillbilly mannerisms and even some of the really bad wipe-outs he had when we didn’t land a jump.  This game is 100% pure fun and a great way to pass the time or simply unwind after a long day.  The graphics are great, the game is challenging and fun and best of all it is FREE!  The app developer has also promised more worlds, levels, bikes and outfits all at no additional charge!  C’mon y’all!  No lolligaggin’ now…git yerself Hill Bill today and “lurn to jump rill good”!

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