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Why does the light turn on when I flip the switch? How does the radio work? Can the sun’s energy really heat the house? If your child has ever asked you one of these questions, or if you’ve ever wondered them yourself then have I got the app for you! How to Make Electricity is a virtual lab where children can use various materials to experiment with hydrochemical power, thermal power, solar power, and hydropower to figure out how electricity works.

How to Make Electricity is easy to use and fun to play. To begin, simply choose which type of power you want to explore: Battery, Hydroelectric Generator, Thermal Power Generator, or Solar Panel. When you make your selection, you are given various materials to use to learn about that type of power. Children are free to move the materials around the screen through simple tap and drop actions to discover how the materials interact to power different items like lightbulbs, oscillating fans, or speakers. If they choose a less efficient way to produce power, then those things don’t work as well or slow down or dim. If they find a highly effective way to produce power, then they shine more brightly or speed up. It is all about trial and error and experimentation. Children could sit for hours and come up with various combinations to test. When they discover something new for the first time, a Discovery clipboard in the bottom corner lights up and if you tap on it, the clipboard opens up and your child can read about the concept they have discovered and why it is significant.

The thing I love most about this app is that there are no wrong answers. Children are not alerted or negatively affected if they choose a combination that is incorrect or less effective. They learn by trial and error and by seeing the consequences of their actions. It is one of the most fun and effective ways to learn, and a sure way to instill in kids a love of science and the scientific process. I learned a lot in the time that I spent playing this app! I had fun watching my children playing this app as they figured out that adding salt to the water, made the lightbulb shine brighter. My son loved figuring out that bird droppings on the solar panel decreased its effectiveness. This is a fantastic learning app and one that is sure to provide hours of learning and discovery fun!

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