Hush Little Baby is a storybook version of the classic lullaby and it has gorgeous illustrations. The entire app has the feel of an actual picture book. You have the choice to hear the lullaby read aloud like a story or sung to you. When you choose “read” you’ll hear the words read aloud and you must swipe to turn the page. When you choose “sing” it goes into an autoplay mode and the pages turn on their own. Hush Little Baby has a great feature that lets you record yourself reading or singing the lullaby. More than one person can record themselves and you can choose the voice you’d like to hear in the app’s set up section. There’s also the option to turn off the voice altogether and play through the app with only instrumental  accompaniment. I turned that on while I was typing this and my son began to hum along while he was playing. I don’t sing lullabies (can’t sing) so he’s learned the tune from the few times he’s played with the app.


My only suggestion for Hush Little Baby is to create an option for automatic page turning in the “Read” mode. All in all we’ve enjoyed hearing a lullaby around the house and the app is very sweet!

Hush Little Baby was designed for an iPhone or iPad. I tested it out on my phone and loved the look of the illustrations. I’m sure they’re fantastic on the iPad.

Price when Reviewed: $2.99

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Seller: mytales digital


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes



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  1. Elisabeth Prial

    Thanks for the insightful review! From the very start of the app creative process it was our intent to stay true to the picture book experience — delivered on a digital devise. We’ve just submitted our second title to Apple, and hope Sleep, Baby, Sleep will be available soon!

  2. Eugene Mok

    Thanks for the review. Just bought it. Yet to try but I think the kids will like it just fine.


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