Last year I chose to do a “home-school” preschool for my son who would be entering Kindergarten the next Fall.  We had a wonderful time learning and exploring together.  When it came time for him to take his pre-K assessment at school, I was fairly confident that he had learning everything he needed to know to do well in Kindergarten.  However, it would have been really nice to have a tool like I am Ready – Pre-K Assess and Learn to back up my prediction.

This app was designed with two audiences in mind.  First, it is for parents to use at home to find out which skills your child knows and which ones they need to work on at home with you in order to be prepared for school.  Second, educators can use this app to conduct pre-K assessments in a fun and engaging way with their prospective students.  The app even provides a report at the end that you can either print out or email with the results.  The app provides several categories of skills to assess including Reading Readiness, Language and Concepts, Fine Motor Skills, Handwriting and Tracing, Puzzles, Self Help, Social Skills and Math.  There is also a “Practice” area where children can explore the iPad interface and learn how to tap and drag items on the screen similar to what they will have to do to answer the questions in the actual assessments.  This app does require adult supervision as they take the assessments as several of the questions need an adult there to hear the responses the children are giving and select whether or not the child correctly completed the task on the iPad.

This app is very comprehensive in the skills that it measures for Kindergarten readiness.  I felt like the developers did an excellent job incorporating math, reading and motor skills in the app.  The activities are not really entertaining or engaging for the child taking the assessment.  It is merely an assessment where they will be asked questions and must answer them.  It really isn’t in a “game” format or have any special interactive animation or elements that make it particularly fun.  However, I suppose taking a test on an iPad is sometimes enough to make something more fun than using paper and pencil.  One negative thing that I will mention, is that I felt that several of the assessment categories were very long, with over 30 questions that must be completed before the child can move on to another area.  This seemed a little long to me for the attention span of a preschooler and I fear they might grow bored or tired of the app before the assessment is completed.  Overall, I think this is a great app and a wonderful tool to use for teachers and parents alike.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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Monica is a mother of four incredibly bright, talented and energetic children. She has a bachelors degree in Child Development and nearly 11 years of experience as a mom to help her find and recommend great apps for your family. When she isn’t caring for her family or researching and reviewing apps, you can find her volunteering at the elementary school, torturing herself at the gym, or hiding out with her nose in a good book.

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