It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a great interactive book. I love that they can get children excited and interested in reading and make me feel much better about allowing the little ones to have more screen time. I just finished checking out a great new interactive book, I Imagine, that I believe is a must-download for all of you book lovers out there like me.

Perfect for pre-schoolers and younger children, the story begins by asking players to create three characters to be in the story. Younger children may need a grown-up to help them, as you can insert faces from your camera roll and record your voice saying the names for even more customization. Once you’ve set up all of your characters, the story begins. I Imagine is the very relatable tale of a little boy or girl who wants their Mommy, Daddy or another grown-up (depending on how your set up your characters) to play with them even though they have lots of work to do. The grown-up suggests many fun activities for the little boy or girl such as making sandcastles and coloring, which the player gets to do on each interactive page. Finally, after many activities, the little boy/girl goes to play in his room with his toy friends and his imagination takes over!

I should mention that this app is free, but for $2.99, you can purchase 2 extra sets of 3 characters to create new books. This might be a good idea if you have multiple children who would like to have a turn seeing their face in the story.

I absolutely loved this story and all of its awesome interactive features and games. Little ones will love playing along with the story and seeing their face and familiar faces in the characters and hearing their voices on every page. I Imagine is a great interactive book, and definitely one that will be staying in my collection!

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