iBattleships takes the classic Battleship game and brings it to your iPhone. The game play is simple and straightforward. You use a track ball on the screen to position your ships. There’s also a button for rotating and then dropping your ships into position. Once you’ve got your ships where you want them you choose whether to play against the iPhone or another player. You can play against another player using a WiFi connection. I haven’t tested this method of play out because it’s nearly impossible for my husband and I to have spare time at the same time.

When you’re playing you’ll use the trackball to pick a square where you think your opponent’s ships are hiding. Tap the “Fire” button to drop a bomb. If you get a hit, you’ll hear some sound effects, your iPhone will vibrate and the square turns orange. If it’s a miss, the square turns blue. Continue this way until you’ve sunk all the other ships or been sunk yourself.

I think the developer has done a nice job transferring Battleship to the iPhone. The game ran smoothly for me and was easy to play. The strategy behind the game will definitely appeal to my older kids. Plus, if they can each get on an iPhone and play against each other, all the better. One thing I did notice was that the blue square that shows up for a miss looks similar to the regular blue squares. It’s a nit picky detail but it’d be nice if it was darker and stood out a little more so you could easily see which squares you’d already tried.

At $3.99 iBattleships is a more expensive game but you’ll get a fun game, really nice graphics and sound effects.

Price when Reviewed: $3.99

Available at iTunes


Seller: Antonio Lo Giudice

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