iDinobook is something else! This app is quite the dinosaur reference and I’m in awe over all the content that’s been included. I’m also in awe over how artfully the content has been handled. There are two versions of the app, one for iPad and another (just released!) for the iPhone. Each app handles the content a little bit differently but I’ve tried out both so I’ll give you a quick overview of each.

iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for iPad –

  • Index – The index section is presented like a filing drawer on one side with open files on the other. Scroll through the dinosaur files in the drawer on the left side of the screen. These files can be sorted alphabetically, by dinosaur weight, size, time period or diet. Files can also be searched. Tap on one that you’d like to view and it will appear on the right side. On the file folder’s front you’ll see a small image of the dinosaur, the time period it lived, and a sketch showing it’s size. There’s also a diagram showing what it ate and the general area of the world where it lived. If you tap on the image you’ll be shown other pictures of the dinosaur. These could be sketches, illustrations or photographs of fossils. A tap on the bottom corner of the folder will “open” it up. Inside you’ll find even more detailed information.
  • Map – The world map is dotted with pins representing areas where dinosaur fossils have been found. Tap on a pin to see the list of dinosaurs. Tap on a dinosaur to pull up it’s file.
  • Quiz – Take a quiz about dinosaurs in Continuous or L imited mode.

iDinobook: Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs for iPhone –

  • Index – The information is identical to what is found in the iPad app but the presentation has been adapted for the smaller screen. You’ll begin with the files in the drawer. Again, they may be sorted or searched. Once you’ve selected a dinosaur file it’s image pulls up on the screen. Flip over the image to reveal the dinosaur’s name and name meaning. Along the bottom of the screen will be navigation buttons. These will take you to the different sections of information found in the file. You can also get there by swiping left and right across the screen.
  • Map – To navigate around the map you’ll need to move your finger around the screen.
  • Quiz – One quiz is available in the iPhone version.

iDinobook most definitely packs a wallop of information. I’m partial to the iPad version because the user interface is easy to use and the design is so suited to the subject matter. But I’m also impressed with how well the iPhone app was adapted to present the same content on the smaller screen. The developers have done a nice job solving that dilemma. I don’t think a dinosaur fan can go wrong with either app.

Price when Reviewed: *These are sale prices* – iPhone: $.99 and iPad: $3.99

See the iPad and the iPhone apps


Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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